NOHA Graduates Platform

The NOHA Alumni Committee was set up in 2003 with the mission to facilitate opportunities for learning and professional development for NOHA graduates. In 2017, it was renamed the NOHA Graduates Platform and integrated within the NOHA General Secretariat. The new NOHA Graduates Platform aims to (a) foster and strengthen an esprit de corps amongst NOHA graduates worldwide, (b) facilitate the exchange of reflections on humanitarian issues, (c) share valuable experiences both in the field and within academic settings, (d) support and foster learning and professional development opportunities for NOHA graduates, and (e) facilitate interactions and exchange amongst NOHA graduates.

To-date, over 3,000 graduates have completed the NOHA Joint Master’s Programme in International Humanitarian Action and the majority are now working in humanitarian relief, international co-operation or research for NGOs, INGOs, IGOs, governmental and academic institutions both in the field and at HQs around the world.

The Graduates Committee is composed of a group of graduates of the NOHA Joint Master’s Programme in International Humanitarian Action and is coordinated by the NOHA General Secretariat, as part of a broader array of NOHA activities.

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Current Graduates Committee Members

Bangkok, Thailand
Luca Falqui | Sapienza - Università di Roma, 2000
Professional Development Officer

An Italian medical doctor who has spent 12 years in Italy working in different medical areas (internal medicine, obstetrics, surgery, oncology) and 20 years overseas implementing and managing emergency and development programs in various contexts (including fragile states, developing countries and war zones). Specialties: Needs assessment – Planning – Implementation – Monitoring & Evaluation of health interventions in emergency and development situations (areas: First Aid and Emergency care, Primary Health Care and Community health, Hospital care); Medical documentation of ill treatment and assistance to trauma victims; Health System Strengthening (HSS) in civilian and prison setting; Project cycle management and Result-Based Management (RBM); Negotiations with authorities and non-state actors - Relationships with beneficiaries, local communities, international agencies and donors.

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Wiet Vandormael | Université catholique de Louvain, 2010
Professional Development Officer

The career of Wiet Vandormael started off in social services in 2001 in a day care centre for children by meeting with and working alongside people from different backgrounds, challenges and opportunities. It was back then that he got inspired by many individuals working in the field of development, civil society, activism and humanitarian aid. After the NOHA Masters, he completed a year of internship with Caritas International, then applied with MSF and left for his first assignment to Afghanistan as a logistic manager. Since 2011, he has been working for MSF and has been on missions in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria, Tunisia, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Haiti and the Mediterranean Sea (Search and Rescue). He has had the chance to work both at project, mission and HQ level.

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Pune, India
Delhi Rose Angom | Universidad de Deusto, 2011
Social Secretary

Angom Delhi Rose currently works with RedR India as a Project Coordinator. She is a NOHA graduate from the University of Deusto and also holds a master in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), India. She has worked with Mercy Corps India, ADRA India, and CLTS foundation mostly with the Internally Displaced population of Assam in the North Eastern part of India. She also worked with TISS on the Assam Disaster Management project and coordinated various capacity building training. She enjoys travelling and taking random photos. When not working she can be found looking for food.

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Ede, Netherlands
Nieck Slikker | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 2017
Communication Officer

Before becoming part of the NOHA network, Nieck Slikker served in the Royal Dutch Army for 2,5 years. During his Bachelor of Business Administration studies, he specialised in tourism management and followed a minor in humanitarian assistance management. In his research he combined these two topics by conducting an extensive study in the largest slum in India, situated in the heart of Mumbai, exploited by companies for tourism purposes*. During the NOHA master's, he combined his previous knowledge and experience by producing a Master’s thesis focused on the privatisation of UN peacekeeping operations. His research focused on conceptual reforms of UN peacekeeping missions, in which private military & security companies were to get greater possibilities to act alongside the UN regular armed forces. Currently, Nieck is actively looking for a job in the humanitarian sector.

* “Breaking the Silence”: Local Perceptions of Slum Tourism in Dharavi, Tourism Review International, July 2015, Vol. 19, pp. 87-100

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