Pool of Speakers

NOHA Graduates Pool of Speakers

The concept: NOHA Graduates are all over the world and active in a wide variety of interesting positions. They are the eyes and ears to the work field and can support current students by sharing their knowledge and expertise. With the pool of speakers, we want to create a roster of graduate guest lecturers according to their area of expertise.

The aim: The NOHA Master’s Programme has always greatly benefitted from external expertise to enrich the classes for its students. This pool will be consulted by the different delivering universities in the network while planning their teaching activities and calendar of guest lectures. By growing the pool, the wide variety of expertise of Graduates will cover a broad range of themes that are relevant to the Master’s programme.

Graduates: We want you to be involved! The students are anxious to learn from your first-hand experience, and to hear in what different ways they can contribute to the humanitarian sector. Join the NOHA Graduates Pool of Speakers!

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Do you have any questions? Contact us at graduates@nohanet.org