News | 25.04.2017

NOHA Graduates Platform

Communication of the President of NOHA AISBL on behalf of the NOHA Board of Directors

Groningen, 05/12/2016

In accordance with good practices as seen in alumni associations throughout the world, in view of NOHA’s aim to continuously strengthen its management, governance and organisational structure, and in recognition and acknowledgement of the crucial role of NOHA graduates both in the humanitarian sector and within the network, the functioning, networking and activities linked with the NOHA graduates will henceforth be formally integrated within the NOHA aisbl structure, more specifically, within the NOHA General Secretariat.

The decision has been taken by the NOHA Board of Directors after exchange of ideas and opinions with the current NOHA Alumni Committee members over the past year. While acknowledging their commitment and engagement, it has become clear that most of the members do not have sufficient time to manage graduate-related activities. The option of integrating alumni-related activities within the NOHA General Secretariat will therefore ensure the required time needed for the coordination and implementation of activities.

The NOHA Board of Directors would like to thank the Alumni Committee members for having taken this responsibility over the past years. We have appreciated the commitment of the Alumni Committee members towards the realisation of the vision and the mission of NOHA AISBL and we believe we are at a crucial moment in time to efficiently and effectively help safeguard and foster the engagement of NOHA graduates for the years to come through this new structure.

The new NOHA Graduates Platform will be effective as of January 2017. The objectives and activities of the Platform will be detailed on the NOHA website at the beginning of the year. A Graduates Committee will also be established and a call for committee members will be launched in January 2017. We would like to invite all interested graduates to respond to the call.

For further information on the NOHA Graduates Platform, please contact:
     Dr Artur Malantowicz, NOHA Operations Manager
     Tel: +32 2 535 7931, Mobile: +32 472 08 78 39

Prof. Dr. Joost Herman
NOHA President