News | 07.03.2018

NOHA Graduates Survey 2016-17 Report

The NOHA Graduates Survey 2016-17 Report is already available!

In the run up to NOHA's 25th anniversary in 2018, a follow-up survey of the NOHA graduates was conducted in 2016-2017. It targeted all graduates of the NOHA Master’s programme since its inception in 1994, that is, a total estimated population size of 3,500 graduates. 

The survey's objective was to obtain information from graduates with regards to their learning experience during their studies and their career paths after graduation in order to strengthen both, the NOHA Master’s in International Humanitarian Action so that it effectively responds to the evolving needs of the humanitarian sector and the NOHA esprit de corps. The survey results will be used to feed into NOHA's future strategies, particularly with regards to NOHA's educational and training initiatives and the development of future activities.

A total of 236 respondents represented 7 different home universities and all cohorts of students going back to 1994.

The report presents demographic information about the respondents, their study and career paths, as well as perception of the NOHA network.

Key findings:

  • 86% of NOHA graduates work in humanitarian & related sectors,
  • almost half of them are employed by NGOs (both local and international), followed by UN agencies & ICRC/IFRC family,
  • 56% of graduates work in different generalist roles, being responsible for management & coordination,
  • legal framework, project and programme management as well as interdisciplinary approach allowing for an overall insight into humanitarian action are considered the strongest/most beneficial components of the NOHA Master's,
  • a growing sense of #beNOHA identity over time.

Full report is available here.